AKA Dog Obedience Training

Denise has been training dogs now since 2003. The first year and a half was strictly hands on training and experience through a professional training facility. This great opportunity allowed her to eventually start her own business which has been going strong since May of 2005.

Since the start of this business it has presented her with the opportunity to work with and train more than 1,000 dogs in the southeast Volusia County, Florida area, and recently as many as 300+ dogs here in Las Vegas. Denise is Master Trainer status having 20,000+ hours of experience in her trade. Many of her clients refer to her as a Dog Whisperer. She was blessed with the gift of patience and is an excellent communicator with both people and dogs. The ultimate goal for her is ensure that you the dog owner learns to read and understand your dog as she does, so that you can have a happy and balanced life with your canine companion.

Additional Details
  • 18 Years in Business
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