Blue Ribbon K9 Dog Training Center

Dog training provides a way to effectively communicate with your dog what is expected of him and to prevent unwanted behavior problems. Las Vegas dog training also helps build a vital lasting relationship between you and your dog. Blue Ribbon K9’s Certified Professional Animal Behavior Specialists have studied dog behavior for over twenty years in order to provide you with scientifically proven, motivational, and results oriented training solutions. Our trainers also receive regular continued education to ensure that your dog benefits from the latest in training technology.

  • We have over 25 years experience training many kinds of dogs
  • We have extensive animal behavioral knowledge.
  • We use humane methods that are gentle and effective, not bribery.
  • We are affiliated with some very reputable associations and organizations.
  • We have a sense of humor. Very important when dealing with dogs!
Additional Details
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 7AM-6PM
  • Tuesday 7AM-6PM
  • Wednesday 7AM-6PM
  • Thursday 7AM-6PM
  • Friday 7AM-6PM
  • Saturday 8AM-6PM
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