Canine Advanced Training Services

Our training methods are 100% force free. We do not believe in or utilize any compulsion or punishment whatsoever. Through the use of positive reinforcement, we properly motivate your dog to engage in a certain behavior because they want to please you and respect you. Each training session and treatment plan is specifically customized to obtain the best results for both you and your dog.

About the Trainer

A true Las Vegas native, Dan Rana was born in Southern Nevada, but it wasn't until 2010 when he and his wife Deanna moved to Texas, that he began his dog training career. As a life long dog owner and lover, he thought he knew the basics of dog training and behavior, but sought a way to build a stronger bond and relationship with his fur kids. As a proud parent of four miniature dachshunds, he took the first step towards formal education in dog training and enrolled in the dog obedience program at Animal Behavioral College.

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