The best platform for in-home dog sitting

What makes so different?

In-home dog sitting is great

We're making it better

In-home dog sitters offer the experience pet owners want when they have to leave their dog behind while traveling.

A real home provides a loving, safe, and familiar environment. We provide the rules, high standards, and support that small businesses have been asking for in a platform.

We believe that every dog deserves quality care

Not that “every person can be a dog sitter.”

It starts with an application
Every new sitter goes through a multi-step application process, including a background check and knowledge test.
The "Sitter Interview"
We have high standards for sitters, so you can be part of a community that you're proud of.
Ongoing support & platform rules
We offer seminars, check-in's, and guidance to help sitters make the most of their presence on

Platform benefits

0 fees for sitters, payouts in 24 hours or less is free to use for sitters that successfully complete our application process, and all bookings are paid out to sitters the very next day.

Free advertising for your business

We advertise in all the cities we operate in, and in our email communications. Completely free to you!

Ongoing support directly from the team

We work with sitters directly to understand their goals and make sure they're getting the best from the platform

The latest technology

Custom profiles, a super-flexible calendar & rates dashboard, and comprehensive analytics are just the start of what makes the best. Our design, UX, and features are world-class... and we're always adding more!