There are many different dog training methods to teach dogs what we want and do not want them to do. I have studied several of them and I've found that the common thread running through all successful methods of dog training is the use of food, toys, praise, pressure, and aversion.

Positively Balanced Dog Training offers the option to utilize all tools available to us, provided that they are appropriate for the dog, the owner, and the moment. No two dogs are trained in exactly the same way.

My goal is to educate both my human and canine clients while bridging the gap of communication between them. My mission is to build a community of well educated, informed and empowered dog owners through proper K9 education. I started my business with the purpose of keeping dogs in their homes and helping people keep their dogs. Lack of obedience training and unacceptable behavior can put a strain on the relationship between you and your dog. I want to change that. Step by step, I teach my clients how to train, rehabilitate and provide clear communication to their dogs while dispelling myths and bad information about dog training.