Placer County Schutzhund Club

We are a group of individuals dedicated to training and trialing our dogs in the three-phase sport known as IGP, or IPO, formerly "Schutzhund". Our club is devoted to the preservation of working dogs through the sport of IPG/IPO/Schutzhund.

Schutzhund is a rigorous sport which consists of three weighted exercises: tracking, obedience, and protection. IPO measures the dog's mental stability, temperament, endurance, structural efficiency, natural tracking ability, and a desire to work with a handler.

The handling and training here at PCSC is reflective of the high standards and extensive experience of our Training Director and our veteran club members. While individuals employ a variety of top training techniques that are tailored to their particular dogs, the overall training at PCSC is very positive, based on fair, humane, reward-based treatment of the dog. Handlers are encouraged to try better and more precise ways to clearly instruct their dogs in the individual exercises, and to quickly reward the desired behavior. This is a learning community where the handlers are encouraged to interact with and learn from each other as they go about training their dogs.

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