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Apawture (Aperture): In photography, aperture refers to an adjustable opening in the camera lens in which light travels through for the purpose of controlling depth of field (e.g. A nice buttery blur or an apple crisp sharpness to the foreground and background) and creating a uniquely crafted image.

There is a philosophy that we at Apawture Pet Photography strive to live by "work hard, play well, and enjoy life as it was given to you". Life is an adventure, full of blessings, and unanticipated events that inspire us to create lasting impressions of our fondest memories.

Apawture is a family oriented business specializing in photo journalist styled pet photography. Our images are made utilizing the intrinsic beauty of natural and available light throughout a variety of scenic backgrounds. We believe that the best photos are made when you and your pet are in your most comfortable surroundings and familiar environments, whether it be at the dog park, trekking through a desert landscape, or at home on your favorite couch.

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