Barking Dogs Self Wash & Grooming

9325 S. Cimarron Rd., Ste. #145


(702) 247-9274

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9AM - 7PM


Barking Dogs Boutique was built on a dream of love and passion for animals. Owners Craig and Kathy Patterson decided to make that dream a reality after working 30 years in the service industry. Together, Craig and Kathy have owned horses, dogs, cats, chickens and would you believe at one time, they even owned a stray goose! With the help of their labrador, KC (the official taste tester), Craig and Kathy developed an array of great fresh baked gourmet treats. Kathy continues her studies with Clayton College of Natural Healing – specializing in “Holistic Care for Companion Animals,” where she discovered the wonderful herbal remedy treatments that helped KC live a long, healthy life.

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